Infobip Shift Conference Expands to Three Days

Infobip Shift Conference Expands to Three Days

Infobip Shift, the largest developer conference in Southern Europe, will be held in Zadar from September 15 to 17 this year. For the first time, the popular tech event will span three days, gathering thousands from the global IT industry for the fourth consecutive year. The conference kicks off on Sunday, September 15, with several smaller, diverse, and informal tech events across various locations in Zadar. The main event continues over the next two days at ŠC Višnjik.

“Infobip Shift strives to offer something new to attendees each year, enhancing the program, production, and additional content. Extending the conference to three days seemed like a logical step. It provides more opportunities for networking, which is a key reason many attend Shift. Equally important are the presentations from over 80 renowned speakers on six stages. Our goal is to continuously invest in the conference, increasing the value for our attendees. By expanding the program, we aim to elevate the quality and set new standards for tech events,” said Nikola Radišić, Head of Shift Team.

Although the list of speakers is not yet finalized, experts from tech giants such as Microsoft, Spotify, and Reddit will present alongside companies well-known to developers like Postman, JetBrains, and JFrog. The conference will feature workshops, an EXPO hall with 30 exhibitors, and indoor and outdoor spaces for meetings and relaxation between sessions.

“This year’s topics at Infobip Shift include ubiquitous AI, increasingly critical cybersecurity, and perennial subjects like programming tools, front-end and back-end development, and cloud computing. We’ve shaped the program based on industry-relevant topics and feedback from last year’s attendees. While it is impossible to cater to everyone’s taste, we aim to ensure all attendees leave Shift with new knowledge and skills,” Radišić added.

A special program will be held in Infobip’s Startup Tribe hall, featuring booths of the most interesting domestic and international startups, panels, and talks vital for anyone starting or considering a startup. The pitching competition will spotlight startups, allowing them to present their products to a panel of experts and a range of global investors who may offer advice and possibly investment.

Infobip Shift has grown into one of Europe’s largest developers conferences and, with its American edition in Miami, forms a globally recognized brand among IT professionals. This year’s conference in Zadar will again attract visitors from the USA, Norway, the UK, Finland, and numerous other countries worldwide.

“We are proud that as Infobip grows internationally, the broader tech community increasingly recognizes Shift as a quality event worth attending. Our goal remains – to empower and support the developer and startup ecosystem. I do not doubt that this year in Croatia, we will host an event comparable to the leading tech conferences worldwide,” concluded Nikola Pavešić, Infobip’s Director of Developer and Startup Relations.