Bosch Launches Logistics Platform in Europe, India, and the US

Bosch Launches Logistics Platform in Europe, India, and the US

Bosch’s digital logistics platform L.OS, targeted for simplifying IT processes in the transport and logistics industry, was launched in the international market. In Europe, India, and the US, the offering has already won 50 customers.

20 logistics companies each from Germany and India and ten from the US are among the first L.OS customers. In addition, the integration of more than 50 service providers into the digital marketplace is already underway. Last year, Bosch announced a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services to digitalize logistics.

The transportation and logistics industry is the backbone of the global economy. Bosch sees great market opportunities for its logistics services driving efficiency improvement. The technology company aims to generate global sales of some €500 million with logistics services by 2030 and has set up a separate unit with more than 400 associates for its digital platforms business.

“With L.OS, Bosch has ushered in the digital age for freight carriers, fleet owners, and logistics service providers. Our logistics platform offers a complete ecosystem and software environment for using and combining services from different providers. For Bosch, the transportation and logistics industry is strategically important,” said Markus Heyn, member of the Bosch board of management and chairman of the Mobility business sector.