Ericsson Unveils Over 200 AI Apps that Boost Network Resilience

Ericsson Unveils Over 200 AI Apps that Boost Network Resilience

The Service Continuity AI app suite is the latest addition to Ericsson’s network Support Services portfolio. This suite has been developed in collaboration with CSPs for predictive and preemptive support. It uses AI and machine learning technologies to identify and address issues before they impact network performance.

The AI app suite is split into five functional categories: insights; performance; assurance; self-healing; and energy efficiency. Each AI app is an intelligent algorithm created jointly with CSPs to nip in the bud potential network issues. The pre-trained algorithms also work within specific parameters to elevate performance in line with the goals of the service provider. An AI app is operational 24/7, ensuring complete oversight of the network, otherwise challenging without automation.

There are also AI apps that measure and analyze energy efficiency per site to get detailed insights into the root cause of any inefficiency. Ericsson, together with a European CSP, has measured daily power savings of up to 15 percent, thanks to the automated energy-savings function of an AI app that enables intelligent activation of the radio’s deep sleep feature.

“Ericsson Service Continuity with its human-guided AI/ML network intelligence will empower our customers to think in data to constantly improve performance while adapting to changing market conditions,“ said Nello Califano, Head of Strategy & Portfolio Management, Business Area Networks at Ericsson. “Our suite of AI apps will continue to grow as we create new ones together with our customers. We focus on the outcome, creating simplicity for scale.“