IBM Unveils End-to-End Quantum-Safe Technology

IBM Unveils End-to-End Quantum-Safe Technology

IBM announced the new Quantum Safe technology. It is a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities designed as an end-to-end solution to be made available as organizations, including governmental agencies, prepare their quantum-safe journey toward the post-quantum era.

Quantum systems are on a path to solving previously unsolved problems beneficial to business and science, but this progress also poses security risks. As quantum computers continue to advance, they will reach the ability to break the most widely used security protocols in the world. Recognizing this risk, IBM has leveraged its expertise across cryptography, quantum computing, and critical infrastructure to develop IBM Quantum Safe technology.

IBM also unveiled its Quantum Safe Roadmap to help clients understand and support them through this security transition. This is IBM's first blueprint that charts the technology milestones towards increasingly advanced quantum-safe technology, engineered to help organizations address anticipated cryptographic standards and requirements through crypto-agility and protect systems against emerging vulnerabilities.

"As a leader in quantum computing, IBM recognizes the importance of comprehensively addressing the critical needs of our clients as they also consider transforming their cryptography for the quantum era," said Ray Harishankar, IBM Fellow and lead for IBM Quantum Safe technology. "Our new suite of quantum-safe technologies and milestones laid out on our roadmap is designed for the continuous evolution of post-quantum security in tandem with useful quantum computing, including solutions to help industries navigate this shift effectively and easily.

"As the era of quantum computing quickly approaches reality, it is imperative that quantum-safe technologies are also deployed to protect today's classical systems and data," said Patrick Moorhead, CEO and founder of Moor Insights & Strategy. "What the world needs to secure data for the quantum age is expertise in world-class quantum technology and advanced cryptography, alongside decades of product development experience for critical infrastructure. These pillars are where I believe IBM excels, and now with a quantum-safe roadmap to lead the industry and new technologies to simplify migration, I look forward to seeing the advancement of quantum-safe journeys globally.