Infobip Introduces Environmental, Social, and Governance Arm

Infobip Introduces Environmental, Social, and Governance Arm

Infobip unveiled a sustainability business unit, It is following the company-wide mandate to make it easier for the business not only to accurately track and report on environmental and social targets but also to operationalize its social giving initiatives.

In line with Infobip’s mission to simplify how brands connect with, engage, and delight their customers at scale, the company has introduced a new domain to make it easier for stakeholders to transparently share environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives through a communications hub, as well as to make it simpler for the company to partner with the charitable sector. From offering pro-bono CPaaS and SaaS solutions to eligible non-profit organizations, or through Infobip’s Bippers4Cpmmunity volunteering program, Infobip believes it has to make a positive and meaningful impact both to its employees and the wider communities in which it operates.

“Whether it’s the company’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic or perspectives on how environmental, social, and governance principles should be integrated to further our field for the advancement of society, we remain committed to our approach to corporate responsibility. We will achieve this by working transparently, with integrity and respect,“ said Aurora Volarović, VP for Public Affairs at Infobip.

As the sustainability journey accelerates, seeks to make a lasting positive global impact with a comprehensive ESG strategy due to launch in 2022. It entails adopting the highest ethical standards on business conduct, investing in communities through non-profit partnerships specifically those that help close the demographic, educational, and geographical gaps in STEAM, and giving back through monetary and in-kind donations. These will be administered both through Infobip on a global scale and The Infobip Foundation in Croatia.

Environmentally Infobip has adapted everyday business pursuing sustainability initiatives such as waste reduction, energy and water conservation, recycling, and environmentally friendly travel ensuring the business is conducted in an ecologically and socially responsible manner ensuring that company success and development does not exploit local or international natural resources. All these initiatives will be tracked and communicated on