Repsly Appoints Ivana Smoljan as VP of Engineering

Repsly Appoints Ivana Smoljan as VP of Engineering

Repsly, a SaaS company, announced the addition of Ivana Smoljan Dobranovic to the firm’s leadership team. She joins Repsly to head the company’s engineering team based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Smoljan Dobranovic will oversee the end-to-end execution of Repsly’s product development vision, and help to put in place scalable tools and methods to support the company’s growth and expansion into new market segments. She will also be mentoring and managing the company’s development and QA teams to ensure the delivery of high quality software to all global customers and partners.

Previously Smoljan Dobranovic was a Software Solutions Manager at S&T Croatia, a top European provider of IT solutions and a partner with Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, SAP and other technology providers. At S&T, she was responsible for a software solutions business unit serving customers across multiple industries and focused on e-commerce, CRM, and custom business solutions development. She started her career in software development, worked as a consultant and project manager, and ran her own company which was later acquired by S&T.

This strategic hire comes after the company recently added Allen Bonde and Matthew DePaolis to head its marketing and customer success teams, and closed a new $1.6M round of financing. Repsly now has more than 10,000 users in 70 countries, and is acclaimed for its intuitive approach to empowering brands and service providers to thrive in the new retail environment.

"Ivana is a successful entrepreneur and manager, and a great strategic thinker, but more importantly she is a hands-on, get-it-done kind of person," said Marko Kovac, Repsly's CEO and co-founder. "While technical by training, she understands the human element, and will help us to create an energetic engineering culture that retains talent and breeds innovation.