Nokia Demonstrates 600G Transmission Over 1008 km Long-Haul Network

Nokia Demonstrates 600G Transmission Over 1008 km Long-Haul Network

Nokia announced the successful completion of a network trial with TIM using the PSE-Vs fifth-generation super coherent optics. The trial demonstrated 600G transmission over a 1008 km live link in TIM’s terrestrial backbone network in Italy.

This trial sets new milestones in spectral efficiency over a live, real-world network, and enables TIM to further increase its optical network capacity and support 400 Gigabit Ethernet (400GE) services across its long-haul network. The trial leverages TIM’s existing long-haul network based on Nokia’s CDC-F ROADM architecture and demonstrates the ability to achieve milestone transmission speeds of 600G per wavelength using PSE-Vs super coherent optics from Nokia. Operating with 100GHz WDM channels to maximize network capacity, this trial sets a milestone spectral efficiency record of 6.0 bits/sec/Hz over TIM’s strategic long-haul routes.

“We are delighted to work with TIM to support the continued capacity evolution of its core long-haul network. With the introduction of the PSE-Vs super coherent capabilities, we enable scale made simple across our entire 1830 portfolio. Nokia is enabling spectrally-efficient network capacity over real-world long-haul networks while setting new milestones for capacity-reach performance,“ said James Watt, Head of the Optical Networks Division at Nokia.

The trial was performed on a long-haul route connecting TIM’s live network of mixed SMF/LEAF fiber spanning the breadth of Italy, using Nokia’s 1830 PSI-M compact modular disaggregated transport system. TIM and Nokia demonstrated error-free performance at 600Gb/s over a 1008km link from Torino to Rome, consisting of 18 fiber spans and through five ROADMs nodes, and 400Gb/s over a 2140km link from Torino to Catania, Sicily, consisting of 37 fiber spans and 12 ROADMs nodes.