Telemach is Investing €94 Million in Frequency Spectrum

Telemach is Investing €94 Million in Frequency Spectrum
Goran Matošević / Tomich Production

By investing more than €94.4 million in the mobile frequency bands 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz, and 2600 MHz, Telemach Croatia, through a public auction organized by the Croatian Regulatory Agency for Network Activities (HAKOM), ensures the prerequisites for further improving the coverage and quality of mobile services in the period of the next 15 years, starting from October 2024. With the previous public auction of the frequency bands 700Mhz, 3600Mhz, and 26GHz, Telemach's total investment in the frequency spectrum thus rises to more than €120 million.

Thanks to the better distribution of the frequency spectrum, which implies three times more spectrum at lower frequencies, Telemach's mobile network will be even more available throughout the country in the future. Better coverage will especially be felt by users in rural areas and closed spaces, who will have significantly better quality mobile voice service at their disposal in the future.

"At Telemach, we continue to bring dynamism to the domestic telecom market with strong investments. In this way, we give momentum to the further development of the ICT and telecom sector in Croatia and at the same time raise the quality of services for our current and future users. Our total investments, which include company acquisitions and new frequencies, together with investment in the mobile and optical network, will exceed €500 million by the end of the year. In addition to continuous investments in the construction of mobile network infrastructure and the fastest 10 Giga optical network, the new investment in the mobile frequency spectrum will enable us to continue to provide the best value for money, offering users throughout Croatia even better and more competitive mobile and fixed services," said Adrian Ježina, president of the Telemach Hrvatska board.

New technologies enable even more efficient use of frequency bands, which will enable the transmission of larger amounts of data. In this way, Telemach will successfully respond to all current and future needs of its users.