Damir Sabol Is the Visionary of the Year in Croatia

Damir Sabol Is the Visionary of the Year in Croatia
Hrvatski Telekom

Croatian news portal Tportal awarded the Visionary of the Year award for the second time. The awards were handed in five categories - economy, technology, society, culture, and sport - with the umbrella award of Visionary of the Year.

The jury gave the creator of the Photomath app, Damir Sabol, the Visionary of the Year umbrella award. "I'm truly honored by the award, especially when I see the group of people I was nominated alongside with. Many of them I greatly appreciate. When I come to big cities, I wonder how I managed to do something. It is where digital channels and technology help me. It's easy to be a visionary when you have the support of a strong team, not only at work but also at home," said Sabol.

Sabol is a veteran of the Croatian IT scene and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the technology sector. He has world successes and acquisitions behind him - from Iskon, which he established when he was only 26 years old and sold to Hrvatski Telekom for HRK100 million, to the Photomath application, which was acquired by Google last year.

The winner in the economy category is Tomislav Knezović, founder and director of the furniture design and production company Prostoria. Damir Sabol, creator of the Photomath application, is the winner in the technology category. The winner in the society category is the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS). Sculptor Nikola Vudrag is the winner in the culture category. The winner in the sports category is swimmer Dina Levačić, on whose behalf her sister Damjana accepted the award.