Google Rebranded Bard AI Chatbot

Google Rebranded Bard AI Chatbot

Google rebranded its Bard chatbot to Gemini, the AI model engineering the product. The company also introduced a subscription plan for its AI assistant.

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, explained in a blog that Gemini will be the anchor of sorts for tools across its ecosystem. For a price of £18.99 a month, subscribers can access Ultra 0.1, its largest AI model that it claims can outperform human experts on certain subjects.

The business model means the Gemini product suite is now accessible to users beyond developers, and the rebranded chatbot will soon have its standalone mobile app. Meanwhile, under the payment plan, the chatbot will be able to perform more complex tasks and is promoted to have better reasoning capabilities.

The company also teased Gemini’s integration with productivity apps through Duet AI, meaning subscribers will be able to deploy Gemini on its roster of work apps including Gmail and Google Docs. Pichai said the announcement reflects how Google is approaching innovation boldly, and that it is already well underway in training the next iteration of Gemini models.