Span Announces IPO on the Zagreb Stock Exchange

Span Announces IPO on the Zagreb Stock Exchange
Dražen Tomić - Tomich Productions

Croatian IT company Span announced plans for the initial public offering of their stocks on the Zagreb Stock Exchange. Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA) approved prospectus that provides details about an investment offering and allows company shares to be listed on a stock exchange.

Span intends to sell 29.50 percent or 578,200 shares through a public offering on the Zagreb Stock Exchange. They will be the first Croatian IT company to be listed on stock exchanges in the last eighteen years and are already in talks with potential investors. Foremost among them are the employees, who will be offered to buy shares through a special program and thus acquire a stake in the company. After that, Span plans to call other investors.

"By going public on the Zagreb Stock Exchange we want to ensure organic growth in existing markets, but also enable additional international expansion. The trust of new shareholders - and the first will be our employees, the people who created Span as it is today - will be a new force that will push us forward. The future of business is sustainable and digital. Span, with its best IT solutions, contributes to the safety of business and digitization of private and public sectors“, said the founder and CEO of Span Nikola Dujmović.

In the last three years, the average annual revenue growth of Span and its subsidiaries in Croatia and abroad (the Group) was over 20 percent. The company generates 70 percent of its revenues on the international market and is one of the largest Croatian exporters. So far, they’ve grown considerably into the Eastern European markets where they have positioned themselves as one of the leading companies in Southeast Europe.

In almost three decades of business, Span has developed from a leading IT system integrator in Croatia to a global Group that, together with 40 international partners, operates with more than 1,200 clients in 100 markets on six continents. Among Span's, more than 1,200 clients are several leading regional and global corporations: McDonald's, Starbucks, Rimac Automobili, Metinvest Group, and Infobip.

They are successfully meeting their needs for digital transformation thanks to the expertise of 500 employees, the company said in a statement. Span is an expert in Microsoft technologies and a leading regional Microsoft partner. The company constantly educates employees and maintains successful relationships with leading regional educational institutions. Their project, Span Academy, provides students with the opportunity to begin their careers as experienced engineers, since 2015.