Inchoo from Croatian Silicon Valley

Inchoo from Croatian Silicon Valley

People first, focus and knowledge sharing, these are the things that make Inchoo, the company from Osijek, stand out from the competition, as Tomislav Bilić, manager and founder of the company love to boast. He says that so far they have had 255 clients from 44 countries. This number includes all clients they have had any kind of engagement with.

He points out that the potent ecosystem in Osijek has certainly favored the development of the company, as it has provided the talents they employ. He adds that with them, the process of building the talent does not begin with the employment itself, but much earlier. "We had a pre-employment interaction with a large number of employees through activities within the Association of Osijek Software City and the student practices and hackathons. Each new employee goes through training before starting to work on projects in production. We expect excellence, and we will do everything in our power to enable the individual to be like that," says Bilić.

He points out focus as another reason for their success. Inchoo provides complete eCommerce solutions. Their employees know how to work on other types of projects, but they immediately decided to focus on eCommerce. The third reason for their success is knowledge sharing. They work on a platform called Magento, a professional open-source technology solution for online stores. "As one of the pioneers of making online stores on Magento, our developers are always happy to share on our blog the know-how of making high-quality solutions. Each month, more than 230,000 visits of other programmers, but also of numerous potential customers worldwide, speak about the recognition of our work and contribution to the Magento community," Bilić proudly says.

Inchoo currently has 46 permanent employees and several students but is constantly looking for new employees. At this moment, they are looking for a designer and are on a constant lookout for new PHPs and frontend developers. So far, they have had 255 clients from 44 countries, mostly from the United States, followed by Great Britain, Croatia, Australia and Germany. Next year they plan to organize several major activities for the Croatian eCommerce ecosystem so that local clients could recognize the benefits of their solutions.

The activity in the local IT community is very important to them as well. They are one of the founders of the association Osijek Software City and they always strive to support the development and strengthening of this positive community with lectures, workshops, practices, sponsorships and participation in various projects. Osijek City Software has brought a lot of positives into the city and has given a perspective to part of the young community to build their professional career at home. Each month, several expert workshops, lectures and seminars in the field of programming, design, and project management are organized and they bring together hundreds of interested individuals.

They recently moved to the new premises in the very center of Osijek, their fourth location. First, they worked from a studio apartment, which they outgrew in four months. Then, there was a three-room apartment they worked from for a year. They stayed six years in the third place, a small building, and in the meantime, they took another apartment for the second office. The refurbishment of their new premises took seven months, but they have created an office that inspires people. These 700 square meters, says Bilić, should be sufficient for the next few years because 75 work places have been projected.