Infobip Integrates Google Vertex into RCS to Offer Conversational AI

Infobip Integrates Google Vertex into RCS to Offer Conversational AI

Infobip announced it now offers businesses and brands access to conversational AI and AI-enabled chatbots on RCS Business Messaging through a new integration with Google Vertex AI. As pioneers in global omnichannel communications, Infobip is leading the market with innovative solutions.

As consumers look for a deeper connection with the brands they buy from, rich conversational messaging channels such as RCS Business Messaging are growing quickly. However, businesses and brands need to be able to offer advanced communications services such as conversational AI and chatbots to deliver personal, relevant, and conversational messaging experiences to their customers.

Now with RCS Google Vertex AI, businesses can create conversational experiences and chatbots for their customers that enhance engagement and drive conversions. By leveraging AI capabilities within RCS, Infobip empowers businesses to automate processes, provide personalized, instant support, and deliver tailored interactions, ultimately improving ROI, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. This integration builds on Infobip’s GenAI development where it has launched AI Hub, for AI-driven conversational customer experiences that solve business problems and generate results. The firm also overhauled its intelligent chatbot building platform Answers with AI and GenAI to automate customer support and reduce costs that support conversational journeys across.

“RCS is one of the key communication channels that businesses and brands are increasingly using to communicate with their customers given its ability to provide a rich experience natively available on customer phones. As experts in omnichannel messaging and with an unmatched portfolio of telecom partners across the globe, we can ensure that RCS messages, and all other channels, are safely and securely delivered to customers everywhere. The combination of our RCS expertise and partner network, the power of Google’s Vertex AI, and your own industry knowledge and customer insights guarantee conversational RCS interactions that will help set brands apart from their competition,” said Ivan Ostojić, Chief Business Officer at Infobip.

Building an RCS chatbot with Vertex AI will enable businesses and brands to create intelligent bots that can deal with a range of queries, transactions, and customer support issues across the entire customer lifecycle. Rather than building separate chatbots for each use case, all can be serviced in a single messaging thread on RCS Business Messaging. Potential use cases include making big data accessible by giving a single view of all brand and customer interactions no matter the channel or service, creating powerful and accurate recommendation systems, supporting image and video recognition, and developing personal travel assistants.