VMware Unveils New Sovereign-Ready Solutions

VMware Unveils New Sovereign-Ready Solutions
Dražen Tomić - Tomich Productions

VMware announced the number of VMware Sovereign Cloud providers has more than doubled to 25 partners globally. VMware is also announcing VMware Tanzu on the sovereign cloud, VMware Aria Operations Compliance pack for sovereign clouds, and new open ecosystem solutions. Together these new Sovereign SaaS innovations will enable partners to deliver services equivalent to those found in public clouds, while also better assuring data is protected, compliant, and resident within national territories. With sovereign SaaS, VMware Sovereign Cloud Providers can build highly differentiated solutions to capture modern workloads, simplify operations with continuous compliance monitoring, and support data monetization with lower risk.

The VMware Sovereign Cloud Framework and associated capabilities that make up the VMware Sovereign Cloud Initiative are aligned with Gaia-X and other global data sovereignty regulations to further simplify the delivery of sovereign clouds. New VMware Sovereign Cloud providers include Advanced Wireless Network Co., Ltd., Fundaments B.V., Hitachi, Ltd., Macquarie Government, National Information Center, NCS PTE Ltd., PT Aplikanusa Lintsarta, Tata Communications Limited, and Credence. Hear what these partners have to say about the importance of the sovereign cloud.

VMware is now building a portfolio of sovereign SaaS offerings. Partners deliver sovereign SaaS natively using VMware software running in their sovereign cloud data centers, completely disconnected from the public Internet. All data remains resident and exists only within a given sovereign region, with no access by foreign jurisdictions, no data or metadata leaves the country or provider.

“There is no data sovereignty without cloud sovereignty. And sovereignty does not have to come at the expense of cloud innovation,“ said Rajeev Bhardwaj, vice president of cloud provider platform solutions at VMware. “With our new sovereign cloud innovations, we’re again setting the agenda by bringing SaaS services into sovereign environments. This will enable VMware Sovereign Cloud providers to help their customers innovate and drive digital transformation while reducing the risk of unlocking the value of data“, concluded Bhardwaj.