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Robots vs. Humans: Will AI Bring The Apocalypse of Advertising?

There aren’t many industries left where robots don’t coexist with humans. We like to believe that we’re still somehow always ahead of robots. While they may be smarter and faster, human traits like creativity and empathy are features that machines have only had in sci-fi.

The Power Couple of Ad Displays: Classic And Social Retargeting

Despite social media ad space emerging as an exciting new revenue channel, plain-old clicks on website banners remain the leading conversion stream. However, by combining the two in a dual-channel approach, marketers can create a more diverse lineup for better results.

3 Near-Future Solutions of AI E-Commerce

The e-commerce industry produces vast amounts of data, which has had companies, merchants and distributors scrambling for Big Data solutions to make their data more valuable to their business.

Deep Learning Ads That React To Human Desires

AI has forever changed digital advertising. As marketers, it already allows us to decide how to best engage potential customers and markets like never before. But there’s room to grow.

AI Recommendations That Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

Every day, millions of people make buying decisions based on search: products to buy, restaurants in the neighborhood, and tons of other choices. According to the Nielsen Report “Global Trust in Advertising” however, while consumers rely on online opinions or price comparisons, more often than not, it’s word-of-mouth recommendations that are the most effective.

The Game For Deep Learning Has Just Begun

It’s been 20 years since IBM’s supercomputer Deep Blue defeated world chess champion Gary Kasparov, in a historical first victory for artificial intelligence. What was once a futuristic concept in 1997, has slowly become part of everyday reality.

3 Tips for Valentine’s Day Online Marketing Campaigns

Valentine’s Day is few days away and consumers across the US and EU are ramping up romantic gift shopping, both offline and online. For merchants, the time window before Valentine’s is a huge opportunity to hit sales targets. After all, it’s the next peak sales season after Christmas and New Year’s.

Top 3 Technologies Revolutionizing E-Commerce

Staying up to date with rapidly evolving technologies in the e-commerce and marketing industries can be a daunting task. With a slew of new technologies out there, it’s also not easy to pinpoint which ones are worth the venture. RTB House analyzed the top 3 most successful technologies impacting the e-commerce industry today.