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How Frequently Do Online Gamers Experience Harassment?

Video games have a dark side with a recent study finding players are frequently exposed to harrassment and in some cases, extremist ideology and hateful propaganda.

Fortnite World Champion Bags $3 Million Prize

Kyle Giersdorf won a record-breaking $3 million prize in the first Fortnite World Cup.

Huawei Puts a Price on Trump’s Aggression

Huawei expects U.S. export restrictions to reduce annual revenue at its consumer devices business by about $10 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Microsoft's Share Price Quadrupled Under Satya Nadella

Microsoft’s share price grew by 327 percent since Nadella took over, beating Apple’s 212-percent increase by a significant margin.

Parents Are No Longer Needed for Homework Help Thanks to Smart Devices

New research by Lenovo shows how education around the world has been positively transformed thanks to smarter technology, creating a generation of independent learners and problem solvers.

Google, Facebook and Amazon Unite With Trump to Protest French Tech Tax

France’s plan to tax U.S. tech giants will bring President Donald Trump and the largest technology companies together, at least temporarily, according to Bloomberg.

Organizations Will Double the Number of AI Projects Within the Next Year

Organizations that are working with AI or machine learning (ML) have, on average, four AI/ML projects in place, according to a recent survey by Gartner.

Qualcomm Will Enable Europe’s First 5G mmWave Network in Moscow

Qualcomm announced its work with the Department for Information Technologies of Moscow, Russian mobile operators, equipment and software vendors to support testing and deployment of Europe’s first 5G millimeter wave network in Moscow this fall.

Desktop Renewals Drive EMEA PC Market in 2Q19

The Europe, Middle East, and Africa traditional PC market grew 1.1% YoY in 2Q19 and totaled 16.4 million units, according to IDC.

Facebook's Libra Gets EU Antitrust Scrutiny

European Union antitrust regulators are already probing Facebook’s two-month-old Libra digital currency project, according to Bloomberg.

Pinterest Hits 300 Million User Milestone

Between Q2 2018 and Q2 2019, Pinterest added 69 million monthly active users.

Few Organizations Have Implemented an AI Enterprise-Wide Strategy

A recent IDC survey of global organizations that are already using AI solutions found only 25% have developed an enterprise-wide AI strategy.

IFA Keynote with Roku CEO Anthony Wood about Streaming TV

Anthony Wood, founder, chairman and CEO of Roku, will share his company's vision and outline the strategies and innovations that are transforming television at this years IFA Keynotes.

Huawei Predicts 10 Megatrends for 2025

Huawei launched its Global Industry Vision report, continuing its predictions for technology and industry development up to 2025.

First Short Film Contest with Camera and Gimbal Products

DJI and SkyPixel announced the first short film contest inviting users to submit their cinematic stories shot with camera and gimbal products.

Huawei Grows Despite U.S. Ban

The scandal around Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has caused doubt around Chinese companies in international colaborations.

Bosch Leads Investment in Teralytics

Robert Bosch Venture Capital is leading a $17.5 million investment in Teralytics.

Eighth Consecutive Good Quarter for Lenovo

Lenovo announced group revenue in the first quarter reached US$12.5 billion, the eighth consecutive quarter of growth.

Cisco Shares Sink on Lackluster Revenue Forecast

Cisco gave a lackluster sales forecast that indicated the U.S.-China trade dispute and a slowing global economy are leading companies to hold off on updates of their computer networks, according to Bloomberg.

GfK Launched AI-based Intelligence Tool for Shoppers Purchases

GfK launched Attribution+, an AI-based solution for grocery and drugstore retailers to gain valuable intelligence on shoppers.

Hon Hai Profit Tops Estimates on Resilient Huawei Orders

Hon Hai, the biggest assembler of iPhones, reported better-than-projected earnings after snagging additional business from Huawei, according to Bloomberg.

IBM Unveils New Data Prep Tool Designed to Help Speed DataOps

IBM announced a new data preparation solution designed to help clients improve their dataops processes to get their data ready for AI quickly and efficiently.

Where Video Games Are Popular Among Adults

Around the world, millions of adults play video games too, using gaming consoles, computers and, to an increasing extent, their mobile phones.

Insurers Will Spend $634m on Robotic Process Automation by 2024

A new study from Juniper Research found that insurers will spend $634 million on RPA solutions by 2024, rising from $184 million in 2019; a 245% increase over the next 5 years.

Ericsson and Elisa Pilot Private Networks in Finland

Ericsson and Finnish operator Elisa have teamed up to successfully pilot a private cellular network for the operator and its customers.

Bosch eBike Systems and MAGURA in Joint Venture for Service Business

Bosch eBike Systems and MAGURA announced closer cooperation in service and replacement parts distribution.

PlayStation 4 Joins Ancestors in 100 Million Club

Sony’s PlayStation 4 became the fourth video game system for the living room to reach 100 million unit sales, joining two of its predecessors along with Nintendo’s biggest success, the Wii.

European Spending on CX Will Reach $128 Billion by 2022

Spending on customer experience (CX) was reported at $97 billion in 2018 and is expected to increase to $128 billion by 2022, growing at a healthy 7% five-year CAGR, according to IDC.

Are Video Games Really Related To Gun Deaths

Even though some psychological organizations do state that children should not play violent video games, there is no proven connection between violence in games and mass shootings.

YouTube Channels with the Most Subscribers

Indian Bollywood music channel T-Series is currently the channel with the most followers on YouTube, followed by comedy channel PewDiePie run by Swede Felix Kjellberg.

Disney Misses Profit Estimates

Walt Disney shares took their worst tumble in nearly four years after the opening of the most highly anticipated theme-park attraction in the company’s history fell flat, hammering results in its latest quarter, according to Bloomberg.

Huawei HarmonyOS Is Bid to Replace Android and U.S. Tech

Huawei took the wraps off its HarmonyOS, offering the first glimpses of in-house software that may someday replace Android and reduce its reliance on American technology, according to Bloomberg.

Broadcom Agreed to Buy Symantec Enterprise Division

Broadcom said it agreed to buy Symantec’s division that serves business customers for $10.7 billion in cash, according to Bloomberg.

Digital ID Platforms Will Be Used by 5 Billion People in 2024

A new report from Juniper Research found that the number of people using government-issued digital identity credentials will grow by over 150% to over 5 billion in 2024.

Uber Stock Falls After $5.2 Billion Loss, Sales Miss Estimates

Uber failed to assure investors of its growth potential or that it can turn a profit anytime soon, according to Bloomberg.

Bosch and Daimler Get Approval for Driverless Parking Without Supervision

Bosch and Daimler have reached a milestone on the way to automated driving

Samsung Unveiled Its New Note Flagship

Samsung unveiled Galaxy Note10, the latest generation of their stylus-equipped smartphone.

N26 Woos America With Free Accounts and Nudges

The German mobile bank is pressing ahead with its U.S. expansion, according to Bloomberg.

Huawei Joins Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace

Huawei joined the Paris Call, a declaration aimed at spurring collective action toward securing cyberspace.

PwC: Privacy Is a Global Issue

Almost every country surveyed has seen an increase in the number of privacy complaints, issues and breaches raised to regulators across the globe in 2018, according to PwC.

Ericsson and Vodafone Bring 5G to Germany

With their sights set on bringing 5G to 20 million people in Germany by the end of 2021, Vodafone has launched a commercial 5G network using Ericsson products and solutions.

Google Overtakes Amazon to Lead the European Smart Home Market in 1Q19

In the first quarter of this year, the smart home market in Europe grew 23.9%, reaching 21.3 million units shipped to the region, according to IDC.

Google Will Ask Rivals to Bid to Be Default Search on Phones

Google will require rivals to bid in order to become listed as alternative search providers on Android smartphones, according to Bloomberg.

Uber and Lyft Investors Are Looking for Signs of a Détente

Lyft halted its electric bicycle program in San Francisco after at least two of the bikes’ batteries caught fire, only a couple weeks after the company put them on the streets, according to Bloomberg.

Verizon Tops Subscriber Estimates, Gears Up for 5G Battle

Verizon exceeded Wall Street estimates for profit and subscriber growth in the second quarter, as the company begins the costly process of launching 5G, according to Bloomberg.

Facebook Acquisitions Probed by FTC in Broad Antitrust Inquiry

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is scrutinizing acquisitions by Facebook as part of an early stage antitrust investigation, according to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter.

Qualcomm Outlook Weighed Down by Smartphone Demand

Qualcomm gave a downbeat fourth-quarter sales forecast, indicating lingering weakness in smartphone demand while consumers wait for 5G devices, according to Bloomberg.

Intel Launches First 10th Gen Core Processors

Intel officially launched 11 new 10th Gen Core processors designed for sleek 2-in-1s and laptops.

Worldwide Smartphone Sales Will Decline 2.5 Percent in 2019

Worldwide sales of smartphones to end users will total 1.5 billion units in 2019, a 2.5% decline year over year, according to Gartner.

Croatian Tech Firm Infobip Weighs U.S. IPO

Infobip, a Croatian technology company that counts Uber and Burger King among its clients, is weighing an initial public offering in New York as it makes plans to expand in the U.S., according to Bloomberg.

AMD’s Sales Forecast Misses on Tepid Game-Console Chip Demand

AMD gave a disappointing third-quarter sales forecast, indicating lower-than-expected orders for game-console chips from Microsoft and Sony, according to Bloomberg.

Ericsson and Telstra Complete Australia’s First 5G Standalone Call

Ericsson and Telstra have successfully completed Australia’s first end-to-end 5G stand-alone call at Telstra’s 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast.

Smartphone Shipments Decline 2.3 Percent in 2Q19

Worldwide smartphones shipments declined 2.3% year over year in the second quarter of 2019 for the strongest quarterly performance since 2Q18, according to IDC.

Samsung Reported Sharply Lower Profit

Samsung shares slid after company reported sharply lower profit amid global trade tensions and a wireless industry slump, according to Bloomberg.

More than 500 Enterprises Globally Turn to IBM Garage

IBM announced that more than 500 businesses around the world have chosen the IBM Garage to help them power their digital reinventions with hybrid cloud and AI.

Apple Stock Rises on Optimism for New iPhone Sales

Apple projected revenue in the current quarter that topped analysts’ estimates, signaling the company is optimistic about potential sales of the new iPhone models, according to Bloomberg.

Global IT Spending Will Grow 0.6 Percent in 2019

Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.74 trillion in 2019, an increase of 0.6% from 2018, according to Gartner.

N26 Announced Series D Funding Extension to $470 Million

N26 announced a $170 million extension of our Series D funding round to $470m.

Qualcomm Introduced New 5G Test Network in Europe

Qualcomm announced an expansion of its 5G NR testing facilities in Europe to include a new lab dedicated to end-to-end over-the-air configurations for 5G NR millimeter wave.

B2B Cross-Border Transactions Will Reach 14.8 Billion by 2023

A new study from Juniper Research found that 14 billion B2B cross-border transactions will be processed by 2023; rising from 13.5 billion in 2019, a 7% increase.

Civil Drone Production Will Almost Triple Over the Next Decade

Civil Unmanned Aerial Systems will be the most dynamic growth sector of the world aerospace industry this decade as commercial applications take off and civil governments adopt systems for new roles, according to Teal Group.

New Bosch's Sensors Improve Parking Experience

The new Bosch Parking Lot Sensor solves parking issues and makes it possible for cities to efficiently manage parking spaces and therefore improves the quality of life in cities.

AR/VR Headsets Return to Growth in the First Quarter

The worldwide AR and VR headset market returned to growth during the first quarter of 2019 after a year of decline, according to IDC.

The Future of the Database Market Is the Cloud

By 2022, 75% of all databases will be deployed or migrated to a cloud platform, with only 5% ever considered for repatriation to on-premises, according to Gartner.

Snapchat User Growth Accelerates After Android Fix

Snapchat’s growth accelerated after the company rolled out an improved version of its Android application, according to Bloomberg.

Xilinx Asks U.S. to Allow Broader Shipments to Huawei

Xilinx said its financial results were hurt by the U.S. government ban against Huawei and asked for permission to resume broader shipments to its Chinese customer, according to Bloomberg.

T-Mobile Wins Approval for Sprint Merger

The Justice Department approved T-Mobile US’s acquisition of Sprint, a deal it rejected under the previous administration, according to Bloomberg.

Verizon and Ericsson Introduce Cloud-Native Technology in a Live Network

In a proof-of-concept trial in a live network environment, Verizon and Ericsson have introduced cloud native, container based technology on the core of Verizon’s active network.

Mobile Edge Computing Annual Spend Will Reach $11.2 Billion by 2024

A new study from Juniper Research has found that total annual spend on Mobile Edge Computing will reach $11.2 billion by 2024.

AI Uproots General Purpose Computing Architectures

There isn't enough computing capability today to process the amount of data being created and stored, according to IDC.

Intel’s Neuromorphic System Delivers Breakthrough Results in Research Tests

Intel announced that an 8 million-neuron neuromorphic system comprising 64 Loihi research chips, codenamed Pohoiki Beach, is now available to the broader research community.

RPA Software Market Grew 63 Percent in 2018

Robotic process automation software revenue grew 63.1% in 2018 to $846 million, making it the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market, according to Gartner.

Earwear Tops Smartwatch Shipments in Europe in 1Q19

Shipments of wearable devices in Europe grew 118.5% year over year to 10 million units in the first quarter of 2019, according to IDC.

Ericsson Tallinn 5G Production Goes Wireless

Ericsson and Telia have brought automated guided vehicles, AR and a huge number of sensors to life at Ericsson’s manufacturing facility in Tallinn, Estonia, via a dedicated cellular network.

Three Most Common AI Use Cases in HR and Recruiting

HR and recruitment leaders have begun using applications of AI to improve HR efficiency and enhance employee experience.

US Food Delivery App Usage Will Approach 40 Million Users in 2019

Food delivery apps are rapidly growing in popularity, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast on mobile app usage.

Bosch Continues to Expand its Digital Supply Chains

On its path to becoming a leading provider of IoT and mobility solutions, Bosch is further expanding its digital supply chains.

Leaders Need to Take Responsibility for AI Practices

The estimated $15.7 trillion economic potential of AI will only be realised if the integration of responsible AI practices occurs across organisations, according to PwC.

Ericsson and Swisscom Bring 5G Indoors

Ericsson and Swisscom have deployed 5G Radio Dots in the Swiss service provider’s network and simultaneously made the first 5G data call in Europe between two offices over the 5G Radio Dot System.

Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Will Decline 9.6 Percent This Year

Worldwide semiconductor revenue is forecast to total $429 billion in 2019, a decline of 9.6% from $475 billion in 2018, according to Gartner.

Samsung Installs Momentous New LED Displays on Times Square

Samsung recently completed a massive five-screen LED display installation at the Times Square building in New York City.

Digital Ad Spend Will Reach $520 Billion by 2023

A new study from Juniper Research forecasts that total spend on digital advertising will reach $520 billion by 2023; rising from $294 billion in 2019.

CEOs Focus on Upskilling their Workforce

79% of CEOs worldwide are concerned that a lack of essential skills in their workforce is threatening the future growth of their organisation, according to research by PwC.

Google AI Could Challenge Big Pharma in Drug Discovery

A win for DeepMind, the AI arm of Google’s parent Alphabet, at a biennial biology conference could upend how drugmakers find and develop new medicines, according to Bloomberg.

Disneyland Is Tracking Guests and Generating Big Profits Doing It

With the recent opening of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park at California’s Disneyland, the company continues to boost its $20 billion resorts business, according to Bloomberg.

Europe's Plan to Prove Its Tech Muscle Gets Lost in Space

Europe’s determination to build up its own, independent, tech infrastructure took a hit this week, according to Bloomberg.

Robert Bosch Venture Capital Invests in Xometry

Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC) joins a $55m growth financing round in Xometry.

China No Longer Expected to Overtake US in Retail Sales in 2019

The trade war between the world’s two largest retail markets is taking its toll, especially on China, according to eMarketer.

Smart Home Automation Revenues Will Exceed $57 Million by 2024

New data from Juniper Research found that automation revenues will exceed $57 million by 2024, up from $18 million in 2019; driven by smart security solutions.

Bosch is Expanding its Involvement in Cyber Valley

Bosch plans to ramp up its AI activities in Tübingen in Germany’s Cyber Valley.

Acceptance of Smart Home Devices Will Drive Growth Through 2023

Global shipments for smart home devices reached 168.6 million in the first quarter of 2019 (1Q19), up 37.3% from the previous year, according to IDC.

Ericsson Ends Run of Earnings Beats With Asia Warning

Ericsson posted earnings that missed analyst estimates for the first time in six quarters and warned its rollout of 5G mobile networks in Asia would weigh on profits, according to Bloomberg.

Qualcomm Announced Snapdragon 855 Plus Mobile Platform

Chipmaker Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 855 Plus Mobile Platform.

International Digital Remittances Will Reach $525 Billion by 2024

New data from Juniper Research has found that international digital remittances will reach $525 billion by 2024, up from an estimated $332 in 2019.

75 Percent of Organizations Increased CX Investments in 2018

Three-quarters of organizations surveyed by Gartner increased customer experience technology investments in 2018.

Bosch Extends the Service Life of Electric-Vehicle Batteries

The older the batteries get, the lower their performance and capacity, and the shorter the range of the vehicle.

Brain Machine Interface Shipments Will Exceed 25 Million a Year by 2030

Juniper Research has found that the global number of shipments of Brain Machine Interfaces will reach 25.6 million by 2030, up from an estimated 350,000 in 2019.

4 in 10 Privacy Executives Are Confident About Adapting to New Regulations

Adapting to an increasingly volatile regulatory environment is the top priority for privacy executives, with only approximately 4 in 10 confident in their current abilities to keep pace with new requirements, according to Gartner.

Facebook $5 Billion U.S. Privacy Settlement Approved by FTC

FTC approved a record privacy settlement against Facebook requiring the company to pay about $5 billion to resolve an investigation stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to Bloomberg.

Is the Honeymoon Over for Dating Apps?

Usage is still going up, but dating app audiences have been growing slower than expected in recent years.