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Sony to Release Six Types of Stacked CMOS Image Sensors

Sony announced the release of six new types of stacked CMOS image sensors with a global shutter function achieved using a back-illuminated pixel structure for industrial equipment applications.

Is Libra Association Failing?

Only one week after PayPal left the libra Association, other key players have withdrawn as well.

The Most Surveilled Cities in Europe

According to a survey by Comparitech, London is the most surveilled city in Europe by some margin.

Britons Amongst Least Concerned About Losing Jobs to Technology

24% Britons are concerned or very concerned about losing their job because of technological changes.

The Most Surveilled Cities in the World

Eight out of the ten most surveilled cities in the world are in China.

Mobile Data and Pay-TV Services to Drive Telecom Revenue Growth in Japan

The total telecom and pay-TV services revenue in Japan is set to grow at a moderate CAGR of 2.3% between 2018 and 2023, according to GlobalData.

Why Are Travelers Frustrated with Travel Tech?

Six in ten travelers said that technology caused issues while traveling, according to Snow Software.

Small Domestic Appliances Market Grows to €24.3 Billion in 1H19

Demand for small domestic appliances continued to grow during the first half of 2019.

The Top 10 Digital Ad Spending Verticals in the United States

The industry spending the most on digital advertising isn’t one that makes a particular product but one that sells many products from different brands and producers.

Sunrise and Huawei Open the First European 5G Joint Innovation Center

With the first 5G Joint Innovation Center in Europe, Sunrise and Huawei will work together to research and develop 5G applications for both the private and business sectors.

Traditional PC Market Continues to Grow Despite Issues in the Supply Chain

Worldwide shipments of traditional PCs reached 70.4 million units in the third quarter of 2019 (3Q19), according to preliminary results from IDC.

Ericsson and Brighter Pioneer IoT Solution for Diabetes Treatments

Ericsson and its partner, Brighter, commercially introduced Actiste, the world’s first complete IoT-health solution for monitoring and treating insulin-dependent diabetes.

PC Shipments Grew 1.1 Percent in 3Q19

Worldwide PC shipments showed a modest increase with 1.1% growth in the third quarter of 2019, according to preliminary results by Gartner.

Is Xiaomi's Growth Stalling?

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is not only dealing with a stagnating market share, the company also reported slower growth figures for the first half of 2019.

Samsung Introduced Advanced Automotive Foundry Solutions

Samsung unveiled an expanded portfolio of cutting-edge foundry solutions at its Samsung Foundry Forum 2019 Munich.

Sunrise and Huawei Set Record in 5G Network Speed

Sunrise and Huawei have achieved a top speed of 3.67Gbps downlink with multiple 5G smartphones in one 5G cell in Zürich.

The Phones Emitting the Least Radiation

While conclusive longitudinal research on the effects of cell phone radiation is still hard to come by, for those looking to minimize the risks, this list may be useful.

IBM Ranked as Market Share Leader in AI for Third Consecutive Year

For a third year in a row, IBM has been ranked the market share leader in the IDC Market Share report, which ranked companies by global AI revenue in 2018.

Multivendor ATM Software Market Will Reach $6.23 Bn by 2026

According to the report from Allied Market Research, the global multivendor ATM software market was pegged at $1.14 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $6.23 billion by 2026.

Worldwide IaaS Public Cloud Services Market Grew 31.3 Percent in 2018

The worldwide infrastructure as a service market grew 31.3% in 2018 to total $32.4 billion, up from $24.7 billion in 2017, according to Gartner.

Hardcopy Peripherals Shipments Declined 5.6 Percent in 2Q19

The worldwide hardcopy peripherals market declined 5.6% year over year with more than 22.2 million units shipped in the second quarter of 2019, according to IDC.

The 5 Tech Companies to Watch in 2020

The US digital advertising industry has officially crossed the $100-billion mark, making it bigger than TV, radio and print media advertising.

Croatian company Koios takes over Beta Tau Beta

Today Koios, a Croatian company specialised in business intelligence (BI) services and application development for the financial sector on the .NET platform, announces that it is fully taking over BTB, also a Croatian company whose main business is the development of software solutions in Java and implementation of Jira solutions for software developers.

Bosch and CATL Collaborate on Battery Cells

Bosch and Contemporary Amperex Technology have concluded a long-term strategic cooperation agreement.

Network Operators Will Earn $120bn from Value Added Services by 2024

New data from Juniper Research shows that revenue opportunities for mobile operators, outside of voice, messaging and mobile data termination, will reach $120 billion by 2024; up from $67 billion this year.

Third-Party Sellers Are Outselling Amazon on Amazon

Third-party sales on Amazon grew from $0.1 billion in 1999 to $160 billion in 2018, while the company itself sold $117 billion worth of physical merchandise last year.

Pace of Change Was Top Emerging Risk for Organizations in 2Q19

Organizations are concerned about their ability to keep up with a rapidly changing business landscape, driven in part by concerns about their own organizations’ lagging and misconceived digitalization strategies, according to Gartner.

Novartis and Microsoft Collaborate to Transform Medicine with AI

Novartis announced an important step in reimagining medicine by founding the Novartis AI innovation lab and by selecting Microsoft as its strategic AI and data-science partner for this effort.

Commercial Sector Will Lead ICT Spending to $4.8 Trillion in 2023

Despite a slowing global economy and the looming trade war between the United States and China, purchases of information and communications technology are expected to maintain steady growth over the next five years.

Intel Enters Partnership for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Intel announced that it is partnering with the International Olympic Committee, the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and an array of partners to drive the future of the Olympic Games with new technology.

Industrial Digitalization Is Driving Demand for Private Mobile Networks

With 3GPP technologies able to meet increasing industry requirements on performance, the demand for private cellular networks is growing rapidly.

Cloud Office Has Hit Mainstream Adoption in Government Agencies

Cloud office is the only technology to enter the Plateau of Productivity in the 2019 Hype Cycle for Digital Government Technology, according to Gartner.

Smartphone Assembly Volumes Increase 11.9 Percent in 2Q19

According to IDC, worldwide smartphone assembly shipment volumes increased 11.9% quarter over quarter during the second quarter of 2019 (2Q19) with total shipments of 332.6 million.

Amazon Leads the Race to the Cloud

Having established itself as an early leader in the market for cloud infrastructure, Amazon Web Services is still ahead of the pack.

Siemens to Revamp Luggage Screening at Spain's Five Busiest Airports

Siemens will modernize the existing security systems for luggage control at Spain's five busiest airports.

Nokia, NTT DOCOMO and OMRON Start 5G Industry 4.0 Trial

Nokia, NTT DOCOMO and OMRON have agreed to conduct joint field trials using 5G at their plants and other production sites.

Top 10 Wireless Technology Trends for 2019 and Beyond

Gartner has identified the top 10 wireless technology trends for enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders.

Voice Assistants for Smart Home Control Will Grow by 769 Percent

New data from Juniper Research shows that the number of voice assistants used to access smart home devices will reach 555 million by 2024; up from 105 million in 2019.

Bosch Wins Electromobility Orders Amounting to 13 Billion Euros

Since the beginning of 2018, Bosch has won electromobility orders worth roughly 13 billion euros, according to company's press release.

Johnson Poised to Unveil as Much as 5 Billion Pounds in Broadband Fund

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce as much as 5 billion pounds in government funding for faster telecom networks, according to Bloomberg, citing a person familiar with the matter.

European Blockchain Spending Will Grow to $4.9 Billion by 2023

IDC predicts continuous growth in blockchain spending across Europe, from over $800 million in 2019 to $4.9 billion in 2023.

eSports Makes a Deal With Nielsen to Measure Its Audience

The esports industry is trying to get its act together and provide third-party ratings to make its broadcasts attractive for rights buyers and advertisers, according to Bloomberg.

Ericsson Automated Smart Factory in China Becomes Operational

September 2019 marks a major milestone in Ericsson’s smart manufacturing capabilities.

Nintendo Slumps After Early Switch Lite Sales Disappoint

Nintendo fell the most in nearly eight months after a weaker-than-expected debut of its Switch Lite in Japan, according to Bloomberg.

Taxpayers Oppose Local Governments Paying Hackers in Ransomware Attacks

IBM Security announced results of a new study that explores taxpayers' point-of-view on ransomware in the wake of growing attacks against cities.

Apple Analysts See Decline in Average Selling Prices For iPhones

Apple could see a bigger-than-expected decline in the average selling price for the iPhone as consumers gravitate toward cheaper models, according to Bloomberg.

Ericsson Estimates Costs in Worldwide Corruption Probes

Ericsson said it's expects to pay 12 billion kronor, about 1,2 billion US dollars, to resolve investigations in seven different countries.

New Study Reveals how Tech is Impacting our Human Values

A new global research from Lenovo has found that most people feel that technology has the power to make us more understanding, tolerant, charitable and open-minded.

Cable Operators’ Shift to Profit Mode Accelerates Cord-Cutting

According to eMarketer’s latest pay TV forecast, the number of U.S. households without a traditional pay TV subscription is quickly approaching those that have one.

Smart Home Devices Will Maintain Steady Growth Through 2023

The worldwide market for smart home devices is expected to grow 23.5% year over year in 2019 to nearly 815 million device shipments, according to IDC.

Samsung Introduces First 0.7μm-pixel Mobile Image Sensor

Samsung introduced the industry’s first 0.7-micrometer-pixel image sensor, the 43.7-megapixel SOCELL Slim GH1.

Hardcopy Shipments Continue to Contract in Western Europe

According to IDC, the Western European printer and multifunction (MFP) market decreased by 6.1% in unit terms in 2Q19 compared with the same period a year ago to give a market size of 4.13 million units.

Ericsson Will Begin US 5G Smart Manufacturing in Early 2020

Ericsson’s $100 million next-generation smart manufacturing factory in the United States will be located in Lewisville, Texas, a suburb close to Ericsson’s North America headquarters in Plano.

Three Driving Forces Are Shaping the Major Domestic Appliances Market

Despite difficult times for global trade, the Major Domestic Appliances (MDA) market had a good first half of the year, according to GfK.

In 2019, Global Emoji Count Is Growing to More Than 3,000

2019 will see the release of 230 new emojis including the waffle, the sloth and the wheelchair, growing the number of the popular pictograms to 3,019.

HP Announces Acquisition of Bromium

HP announced the acquisition of Bromium, an end point security start-up.

CEE HCP Market Dips in Units but Rises in Value in 2Q19

Shipments of hardcopy peripherals to Central and Eastern Europe rose in value but declined in units year on year in Q2 2019, according to IDC.

Google Will Invest €3 Billion to Grow European Data Centers

Google will invest 3 billion euros over the next two years to expand its server farms across Europe, according to Bloomberg.

A World of Waste

The world generates nearly two billion tons of municipal solid waste each year, enough to fit into 822,000 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Bill Gates Says Big Tech Companies Shouldn’t Be Broken Up

Bill Gates doesn’t think it’s a good idea to break up the biggest U.S. tech companies as some politicians have suggested, according to Bloomberg.

Ericsson Helps Expand 5G to Rural US Customers

With a new deal recently signed between Ericsson and Nex-Tech Wireless as well as with RINA Wireless, the trend of increasing 5G coverage in the US continues to grow with new stretches into rural areas.

U.K. to Discuss Blueprint of Johnson’s Fiber Plan With CEOs

Boris Johnson promised to bring fiber broadband to every U.K. home by 2025 in his bid for the most important job in the land, according to Bloomberg.

Ericsson Joins the Global Network Initiative

Ericsson has become a member of the Global Network Initiative (GNI), a multi-stakeholder non-government organization which addresses the challenge of protecting digital rights in the ICT sector.

Global Audio Market Continues Growth Trajectory

Between January and June 2019, GfK recorded total sales of €7.9 billion for the global audio devices market, excl. North America.

Bosch Is Bringing Smart Electrical Drives to Strollers

German technology giant Bosch is entering yet another new market – e-strollers.

Spending on CX Technologies Will Reach $641 Billion in 2022

Worldwide spending on customer experience technologies will total $508 billion in 2019, an increase of 7.9% over 2018, according to IDC.

More Than Just an Online Retailer

While most people know Amazon for its namesake e-commerce platform, the world’s most popular online retailer has expanded its business considerably over the past few years.

IBM Is Developing Quantum-Safe Cryptography Cloud Services

IBM took a major step towards maintaining the highest level of security of its client's data and privacy in the future from fault-tolerant quantum computers.

Global Device Shipments Will Decline 3 Percent in 2019

Worldwide shipments of devices, PCs, tablets and mobile phones, will total 2.2 billion units in 2019, a decline of 3.3% year over year, according to Gartner.

IBM CEO Sees Amazon and Microsoft as Cloud Allies, Not Rivals

In IBM’s vision of cloud computing, Amazon and Microsoft will be allies rather than rivals, according to Bloomberg.

Is e-Commerce Facing its Limits?

The rise of e-commerce to an €80 billion business in the first half of 2019 (excluding North America) created the need for 24/7 retailing, according to GfK.

Lawmakers Demand Records from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple

A U.S. House panel conducting antitrust investigation of the technology sector is demanding that companies turn over a trove of internal records, according to Bloomberg.

IBM Demonstrates Commitment to Open Hardware Movement

At the last month's Linux Foundation Open Source Summit, IBM announced that it will be contributing implementation rights to key technologies to the open community.

PC Market Declines Slightly in First Half of 2019

Performance and experience are absolutely key for success in the global consumer PC market, according to GfK.

YouTube Stops Counting Paid Ads in Music-Video Viewing Records

Music videos can’t pay their way to the top of YouTube’s charts anymore, according to Bloomberg.

Bosch is Paving the Way for 3D Displays in Vehicles

In the car cockpits of the future, digital displays will play a key role in the interaction between drivers and their vehicles.

First 6G White Paper Builds Cornerstones for 2030 Wireless Intelligence

6G Flagship research program has published world’s first 6G white paper which opens the floor for defining the 2030 wireless era.

CE China Strong Growth with SHIFT Automotive Copied from IFA Berlin

For the first time, CE China, a global IFA event, is held from 19 to 21 September 2019 in Guangzhou, the heart of China's trade and manufacturing business.

TCL Launched Multi-Category Smart Products

At the IFA 2019 in Berlin, TCL launched a full suite of new innovations and smart products.

Ericsson and Qualcomm Achieve Commercial Standalone 5G Milestone

The transition to the second phase of commercial 5G, standalone 5G, is a major step closer following the successful completion of a standalone data connection by Ericsson and Qualcomm.

Orbico Chooses Gideon Brothers to Make Logistics Jobs Safer and Easier

Orbico has launched a pilot project to deploy Gideon Brothers’ collaborative autonomous mobile robots in their warehouse facilities.

IBM Launched New Mainframe Generation

IBM announced z15, a new enterprise platform delivering the ability to manage the privacy of customer data across hybrid multicloud environments.

Alcatel Unveiled Its Latest Mobile Devices

At the IFA 2019 in Berlin, TCL has introduced its latest series of mobile devices.

IFA 2019 Breaks Records Once Again

IFA Berlin has turned out to be another success story with a new set of records.

IBM and Fraunhofer Partner on Quantum Computing Initiative for Germany

IBM and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft announced an agreement to partner in the area of quantum computing with the goal of advancing the research and experimentation in Germany.

Smart Homes Are Not Yet Smart Enough

GfK´s forecast indicates that the market for smart devices, excluding smartphones and smart watches, will grow by estimated 9 percent globally this year, up from €122 billion to €133 billion.

Apple Unveils New iPhones and Other Products and Services

Apple unveiled new iPhones with camera enhancements and improved battery life, according to Bloomberg.

People Like Emojis at Work, But Feel Unsure at First

Almost three-fourths of people reported being hesitant about first using emojis in the workplace, according to Adobe.

People Who Use Tech Feel 11 Years Younger

Technology is making the world feel younger, healthier and more emotionally connected, revealed a research released by Lenovo, suggesting a growing relationship between technological innovation and wellbeing.

Then and Now Newspaper Circulation

There are less than half as many weekday and Sunday papers in circulation now than there were two to three decades ago, according to estimates by Pew Research.

Consumers Spent €210 Billion on Smartphones Worldwide in 1H19

In the period January to June this year, consumers purchased smartphones worth €210 billion worldwide, according to GfK.

Pradeo Earns Award for its AI Cybersecurity Solutions

Based on its recent analysis of the global mobile security market, Frost & Sullivan recognized Pradeo with the 2019 Global Product Line Strategy Leadership Award.

Huawei Unveils Updated Phone Running Google’s Latest Software

Huawei announced an update to its P30 Pro smartphone and said it would run the latest version of Android software in some regions, according to Bloomberg.

Samsung Is Working on a Foldable Phone That Collapses Into a Square

Samsung is preparing to unveil its second foldable device early next year, a luxury phone that folds down into a compact-sized square, according to Bloomberg.

Greyp Bikes Gets Eurobike Award

Greyp Bikes is stoked to announce it has won the prestigious Eurobike Award for its G6.2 EXPERT FS eMTB.

The Blockbuster Growth of Amazon's Cloud Business

Many people are surprised to hear that one of Amazon’s most successful, and most profitable operating segment, has nothing to do with online shopping.

4K Is Becoming the Standard for Today’s TVs

In the first half of 2019, GfK recorded total revenue of €44 billion for the global market for televisions.

Public Cloud Services Revenue Grew to Nearly $183 Billion in 2018

The worldwide public cloud services market grew 27.4% year over year in 2018 with revenues totaling nearly $183 billion, according to IDC.

8K Association Announces Performance Specification for Consumer TVs

The 8K Association announced that key performance attributes for 8K televisions have been defined as part of the technical program.

Free Access Is the Most Common Pay Model for All Media

Free access is still the most common pay model for all media types, particularly for digital-born media, while hard paywalls remain extremely uncommon.