Qualcomm Unveils Latest Auto Chipset

Qualcomm Unveils Latest Auto Chipset

At CES in Las Vegas, Qualcomm unveiled its latest chipset, Snapdragon Ride Flex SoC. It is a new addition to its automotive portfolio which boasts dual capacities to support digital cockpit and assisted driving systems.

The semiconductor giant hailed the new auto chip as the first hardware to combine software enabling digital cockpit configurations as well as automated and assisted driving. It stated the new processor, powered by technologies designed to support AI and computer vision, is the latest newcomer to its growing lineup of cloud-connected platforms for vehicles.

The platform is designed to optimize complex cockpit use cases including in-car entertainment, which Qualcomm claimed will allow immersive high-end graphics, infotainment, and gaming displays to support rear seat entertainment screens and advanced audio quality.

As part of the pitch, Qualcomm added Snapdragon Ride Flex was tailored to assist automakers and suppliers to build a unified central-compute and software-defined vehicle architecture, as the chipset is compatible with various performance levels from entry-level to premium vehicle tiers. Additionally, Snapdragon Ride Flex is pre-installed with software that supports multi-operating systems including park assistance, driver’s safety systems, and entertainment. Snapdragon Ride Flex will be available commercially in early 2024.