Hrvatski Telekom Prepares for 3G Network Shutdown

Hrvatski Telekom Prepares for 3G Network Shutdown

Hrvatski Telekom is starting preparations for shutting down 3G technology. The company expects to complete the entire project by early 2025.

Over the past three decades, five generations of mobile technologies have been implemented, with four generations still in operation today. The gradual shutdown of the 3G network will accelerate the transition to more energy-efficient and higher-quality 4G and 5G technologies for users. Shutting down 3G technology will not affect voice and SMS services; data services will continue to be provided via 4G and 5G networks.

Today, the ICT sector accounts for 2% to 3% of global CO2 emissions. The prediction is that by 2030, due to the growth in cloud and AI services, it will reach a share of around 7%. Therefore, replacing 3G with newer-generation networks, like 4G and 5G, aligns with HT's sustainable business strategy, as these networks are significantly more energy-efficient. By transitioning to 4G and 5G technology, HT empowers the sustainable digital transformation of society and simultaneously provides users with faster, more advanced, and secure services.

"The retirement of 3G technology will allow us to use frequency resources for 4G and 5G technologies, resulting in improved service for its users. Upon completing this process, our network will also reduce the carbon footprint per transmitted data volume, as 4G technology is five times and 5G technology is 15 times more energy efficient than 3G. Many global and European telecoms are already undergoing a similar process, phasing out 3G in favor of advanced networks that offer higher speeds, lower latency, improved capacity, and readiness to support new technologies. Additional investments in upgrading the 4G and 5G network will open up opportunities for further innovation and improved connectivity, positively impacting social and economic development," said Boris Drilo, a Management Board member and CTIO at Hrvatski Telekom.

Users with 2G or 3G devices without access to 4G and/or 5G technologies can continue to use their services through 2G technology, which HT continues to operate, allowing seamless use of voice and text services, i.e., calls and SMS messages, and data traffic according to capabilities. Users who want a significantly better mobile internet experience should replace their device with a new 4G and/or 5G device. Furthermore, all users who use newer technology devices with access to 4G and/or 5G technology but have an older SIM card can replace their SIM card free of charge at any time. HT will inform its users about the implementation and timeline of the 3G technology shutdown process.