Orange Launched Home Satellite Offer

Orange Launched Home Satellite Offer

Orange started offering a home satellite service through its Nordnet subsidiary. The move is backing the French strategy to guarantee access to high-speed broadband to all by 2025.

The satellite offer is available to customers in mainland France not eligible for fiber and those with an ADSL connection of less than 8Mb/s, the operator stated. Orange said its service is based on the Konnect VHTS satellite architected by Eutelsat, a system claimed to be the largest satellite ever designed on the continent.

The satellite broadband service will be marketed across all of Orange’s distribution channels and managed by Nordnet, its specialist satellite division. Users will enjoy unlimited landline calls in France and to 50 other destinations. On mobile, this applies to France and eight other destinations. The entire package will cost €49.99 a month and it will provide access to a connection of up to 200Mb/s downstream and 15Mb/s upstream.

Customers will receive a satellite kit upon subscription, which can be bought upfront or rented monthly. This service will complement its existing home connectivity products of fiber, 4G and 5G Home, and ADSL while backing a state objective to provide broadband access at speeds of more than 30mb/s to all its citizens by 2025.