Anthropic and Zoom to Cooperate on AI for Conferencing

Anthropic and Zoom to Cooperate on AI for Conferencing

Zoom struck a partnership with Google-backed AI start-up Anthropic, investing an undisclosed sum in the developer. Zoom outlined plans to integrate the company’s technology into its conferencing platform.

Anthropic’s AI assistant Claude will be integrated with Zoom’s platform, including team chat and meetings, with its initial use case coming with the company’s Contact Centre. Zoom stated the collaboration will bolster its federated approach to AI, designed to use its proprietary models, along with leading companies in the field like Anthropic, which it claims provides the most value for customer needs.

In effect, integrating Claude will allow Zoom users to have AI-powered interactions to provide better customer experiences and interaction. The undisclosed investment will come through its Zoom Ventures arm, aiding the developer’s R&D aims to create steerable, trustworthy, and responsible large-scale AI systems.

Google first announced backing for Anthropic in February, strengthening its position in the field in the face of competition with Microsoft. Anthropic launched Claude a month later and last week entered the debate on the ethical use of generative AI, as concerns about its rapid impact on society begin to heighten. Zoom’s chief product officer Smita Hashim said Anthropic’s model is primed to provide safe and responsible integration with its innovations.