Tata Communications Launched Digital Transformation Roadmap

Tata Communications Launched Digital Transformation Roadmap

Tata Communications Transformation Services Limited (TCTSL) has launched the digital transformation roadmap at Mobile World Congress. The idea behind that report is to enable Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to derisk their transformation journey. The roadmap prepared in partnership and consultation with OVUM Consulting, systematically lists out impending priorities for CSP types belonging to various market segments and is a starting point for CSP leaders, managers and evangelists to build their unique transformation roadmap.

The digital transformation roadmap will help CSPs identify and prioritise their transformation programs and derisk their transformation journey. In this roadmap, OVUM with TCTSL has identified transformation priorities which span across network technologies and network management systems, digital support systems (OSS/BSS), business process systems and functions and business-led tasks. The nature and the size of the transformation priorities depend on the maturity and the nature of the CSP.

The digital transformation undertaken by CSPs will vary because every service provider has a different starting point with regards to existing platforms, processes, and organisational structures. However, there are considerations and steps that are common to CSPs of a similar type. These common considerations make it possible to create a framework or roadmap to guide particular categories of CSPs through their journey.

Ovum has identified indicative roadmaps for six key service provider segments, outlining the steps that typically need to be taken by these CSPs across a number of different domains if they want to deliver a successful transformation. The findings to these roadmaps for different CSPs market segments was primary research conducted with 60 global service providers, which has helped identify the key short-term, mid-term and longer term priorities for each segment.

These roadmaps will act as a starting point for CSPs community to not just in implementing specific platform, process, organisational, and cultural changes, but in also providing guidance on their overall journey. Such guidance can take various forms, but at its heart there needs a transformation roadmap that can assist CSPs in their transformation.