Traditional Companies Embrace Digitalisation With MWCapital

Traditional Companies Embrace Digitalisation With MWCapital

Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital) have gathered more than 130 companies from traditional industry sectors through its GoingDigital programme between 27 February and 1 March within the framework of GSMA Mobile World Congress and 4YFN.

The initiative, in collaboration with ACCIÓ, have promoted learning experiences to help professionals to face the challenges of digitalisation and have brought members of the food, manufacturing and service sectors, among others, closer to the latest technological trends. GoingDigital have held three educational experiences adressed to professionals focusing on three current areas of interest: the dawn of a new industrial era, the power of Big Data and the digital experience revolution.

According to Carlos Cuffí, Programme Director at Mobile World Capital Barcelona, “GoingDigital trains professionals and increases their awareness of the potential that the digital transformation of the economy, businesses and society in general holds. It is important that we lose the fear of digitalisation and tackle the challenge that companies will face with the necessary tools, knowledge and support to help a business evolve. That is why we are launching highly specialised education programmes and are present at the Congress to encourage interaction among professionals and to offer them solutions to drive and manage this transformation.“

The GoingDigital programme is carried out throughout the year, offering collaborative educational experiences to drive digital transformation through the interaction between citizens, business and technology. It contemplates 3 different levels of specialisation: the first is shorter and focuses on discovering how to make the most of specific technologies that have an impact on society and the economy; the second offers a more specialised vision of digital transformation processes and their influence on specific sectors; the third and longest level examines different subjects related to boosting digital transformation in companies.