HT Starts Building Fiber Optic Network in Ten Counties

HT Starts Building Fiber Optic Network in Ten Counties

Hrvatski Telekom started with projects for the construction of next-generation access (NGA) on the territory of ten counties in Croatia. By the end of 2023, this will enable fast (+40 Mbit/s) and ultra-fast (+100 Mbit/s symmetrical) broadband access for almost 150 thousand new users in cities, municipalities, and sub-urban and rural areas throughout Croatia.

In 2020, HT signed 13 Partnership Agreements with representatives of local and regional governments in the implementation of broadband internet network construction projects, undertaking to build a fiber optic network in ten counties in Croatia by the end of 2023. These agreements are an integral part of the Public Call of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds for the construction of next-generation access networks.

HT won 13 of the 16 submitted bids at the Public Call, which means that it is investing HRK 328 million of its funds during the implementation of the projects in the digitalization of parts of Croatia, where such infrastructure does not currently exist. The total value of eligible costs on projects developed by HT, together with the public component, amounts to HRK 651 million. The project is implemented under the structural rules of the Framework National Program for the Development of Broadband Access Infrastructure in areas where there is insufficient commercial interest.

"As the largest private investor in the digitalization of Croatia, we continuously work to connect all its parts and build a network in large and small cities, suburban and rural areas. As part of these projects, by enabling high-speed internet in parts of Croatia where it did not exist before, we will provide prerequisites for strengthening economic activity and creating a better future for 150,000 users using today's cutting-edge technologies. For the coming period, we remain focused on our investments in the development of network infrastructure, especially in fiber optics and 5G, which are the backbone of the digitalization of Croatian society and economy," said Boris Drilo, CTIO and a member of the Hrvatski Telekom Management Board.

These projects will improve the use of digital services such as e-Citizens, e-schools, and e-health, as well as other city, municipal and local services, and high speed and internet availability will contribute to the further development of entrepreneurship and local economic activity. The NGA network that HT is building as part of these projects will be open, which means that all other operators and electronic communications service providers will have open access to the networks and, just like HT, will be able to offer their retail broadband services to end users in the area which the project includes.