MWC23: DT Simplifies eSIM Transfer with Google

MWC23: DT Simplifies eSIM Transfer with Google
Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom is the first mobile communications company in the world to use a newly developed standard for transferring eSIMs between mobile devices. All a customer needs is their old and new cell phones close to each other to enable a simple and secure transfer.

eSIM, a digital version of the SIM card, is a very practical solution in today’s mobile world. In fact, over 40% of our new customers choose eSIM. However, transferring the mobile contract from an old device to a new device can still be cumbersome. DT has been in close collaboration with Google to help develop the global standard together with GSMA.

Thanks to the new process, customers can transfer their mobile contract to their new device immediately and securely with just a few clicks directly in the setup wizard. The process takes place on the device within a few seconds. There is no need for an app, logging into a website, or calling customer service. DT has partnered closely with Google’s Android team and device manufacturers to offer its customers a secure, reliable, and seamless experience on eSIM.

In addition to enabling frictionless activation of eSIM on WearOS smartwatches and Android mobile devices, DT is also the first carrier globally to offer the ability to transfer an eSIM profile from one phone to another based on GSMA TS.43 standards. This feature will enable customers to seamlessly switch to their new Android device upon setup, without having to wait for a physical SIM or contact carrier support.

Owners of a Pixel 7 will be the first to benefit from this experience on the DT network, available later this year. The eSIM transfer capability will become available on the Android platform later this year, allowing other manufacturers to take advantage of the standard and follow suit.