Obuljen: Satisfaction with the Allocation of New Frequencies

Obuljen: Satisfaction with the Allocation of New Frequencies
Dražen Tomić / Tomich Productions

We are very satisfied with the results of this electronically conducted multi-round auction, in which all available spectrum for national coverage was allocated, as well as part of the spectrum for smaller operators at regional levels, HAKOM Council director Tonko Obuljen points out for ICTbusiness.info.

According to him, by public bidding through the auction, we have achieved regulatory predictability, given that the existing licenses expire in just over a year, and operators have been given enough time to adapt their networks.

"The auction is also an indicator of how important the radio frequency spectrum, as a limited natural resource of the Republic of Croatia, is for the development of electronic communications. A sufficient amount of spectrum has been allocated for each operator, which ensures the sustainability and competitiveness of the market, and high-quality mobile internet services will be provided to end users in all areas of Croatia in the period up to 2039/2044," explains Obuljen.

He claims that the prerequisites for further development have been created for the economy, especially in the field of ICT, transport, and tourism. "The final amounts achieved, which are the revenue of the State Budget, show that there is healthy market competition between operators and a strong belief in the further development of the market," concludes Obuljen.